Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Norwegian fly fishermen test the Native Ultimate - Islamorada

Here's the true advantage of the Native Ultimate 12.
Try this on your sit on top "fishing" kayak.

Pal Krogvold, a Norwegian Flyfishing guide and flyfishing writer, tests the Ultimate 12.
Result: 2 thumbs up!

Fellow Norwegian flyfishing guru, Kjell Somme, tests the Ultimate 12 with the seat in the elevated position.
Result: 2 thumbs up (w/a huge smile on his face)

Pal and Kjell test the stability of the Ultimate 16, their faces say it all!
Islamorada, Florida Keys

Friday, May 9, 2008

Native Ultimate ProPel Pedal Drive - Islamorada

(above, Great turn radius at the end of the video)

(above, Pedal Drive in Reverse)

(above, Retracting the Pedal Drive unit, approaching shore)

The Native Watercraft Ultimate ProPel Pedal Drive has made it's debut in Islamorada! What a fun kayak. Very comfortable, stable and fast. A very dry kayak, the Ultimate Pedal drive leaves the paddler as dry at the end of trip, as they were when they started.

This will make getting to the bonefish flats here in the Florida Keys or the flooded lakes of Everglades National Park's 'No Motor Zones' a breeze.

Ultimate 12 Pedal Drive (solo) or Ultimate 14.5 Pedal Drive (solo)

Stop by and see for yourself.

Islamorada, Florida Keys