Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fly Fishing Everglades National Park / West Lake

On a breezy day in the Florida Keys, Lynn Scholz decided to load her Native Ultimate 12 and head off to the Everglades to find some protection from the winds. Her ability to stand for visibility and casting is a huge advantage in her new kayak.

If the snook only knew what was heading their way. A determined fisherwoman on a mission!

A great way to let the cold Northeast winter pass you by, Fly fishing Everglades National Park and the Florida Keys

Thanks Lynn, see you and Dick next year.
Islamorada, Florida Keys

Monday, February 11, 2008

Everglades Adventure 3d/2n

Sneaking up the Roberts River toward our 1st night stay @ Roberts River Chickee.

A lucky and fortunate day on Whitewater Bay! Not so lucky on our return trip.

We made it to the Roberts River chickee with ample time to set up and enjoy a fantastic sunset.

Doug enjoying our 2nd day, a 9 mile paddle from Roberts River to Hells Bay chickee.

Our return trip across Whitewater Bay, certainly not as passive as our trip out. At least we had trailing winds.

All and all a great trip with almost perfect weather. 3 days/2 nights, a total of 33 miles, 2 great sunsets followed by one extremely foggy and 1 great sunrise and a little wind on our last morning. Everglades weather will keep you on your toes and makes every trip different from the next.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Everglades National Park - Nine Mile Pond - Feb 2008

Evan, Jacob, Risa, Dick and Lynn set out on a 'Day Paddle' with Backcountry Cowboy Outfitters @ Nine Mile Pond in Everglades National Park. A bit of initial apprehension was gradually overcome by the natural beauty of the fresh water slough. Numerous birds like, Osprey, Great Blue Heron, Great White Heron, Green Heron, Great White Egret, Snowy Egret, Wood Stork, Kingfisher, Vultures, Roseate Spoonbill, Cormorants and Anhingas all were seen on the 3 1/2 hour paddle.
We didn't have to go far to find the resident Alligators, despite the constant 'eyeballs' that were never far away, a great time was had by all.
Thanks guys.
Islamorada, Florida Keys

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Everglades Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing in the 'No Motor' zones of Everglades National Park is an outdoorsman and anglers dream come true!

Capt Xavier Figueredo from The Bay & Reef Company, uses Native Watercraft Ultimate 12's and Ultimate 14.5's, in conjuction with his bay boat to get across the Florida Bay to the Everglades. Once in the Everglades, he'll power the boat to one of many designated 'no motor' zone boundries and launch the kayaks to explore and fish, deep into the untouched areas of the park.
This trip is generally 6-8 hours long and allows any paddler/angler a true 'snapshot' of what the Everglades has to offer. Backcountry Cowboy Outfitters, Islamorada, Florida Keys The Bay and Reef Company, Islamorada

Friday, February 1, 2008

Everglades Adventure - 5d/4n

Zak and Jim enjoying a December day on Rabbit Key, this trip was a 5d/4n trip originating and ending in Chokoloskee. This is a 'rest' day on Rabbit Key. Great scenery, great company and an overall great experience for the two from Colorado. Thanks guys.