Monday, February 11, 2008

Everglades Adventure 3d/2n

Sneaking up the Roberts River toward our 1st night stay @ Roberts River Chickee.

A lucky and fortunate day on Whitewater Bay! Not so lucky on our return trip.

We made it to the Roberts River chickee with ample time to set up and enjoy a fantastic sunset.

Doug enjoying our 2nd day, a 9 mile paddle from Roberts River to Hells Bay chickee.

Our return trip across Whitewater Bay, certainly not as passive as our trip out. At least we had trailing winds.

All and all a great trip with almost perfect weather. 3 days/2 nights, a total of 33 miles, 2 great sunsets followed by one extremely foggy and 1 great sunrise and a little wind on our last morning. Everglades weather will keep you on your toes and makes every trip different from the next.

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