Friday, September 18, 2009

Johnson Key Double Chickee - Florida Bay - Everglades NP

Johnson Key Chickee during construction, already, some are enjoying having it there.
Approaching Johnson Key Chickee from the West, the island to the left of the photo is Johnson Key, approximately 300 yards to the East.
Johnson Key Chickee, looking straight at the new Double chickee. The chickee is facing in a N/NE direction, basically facing Flamingo. In this photo, the island in the distance on the backside of the chickee is Man O War Key.

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CG Pete said...

It looks pretty open, is there good shelter there in case it blows?

Backcountry Cowboy Outfitters said...

It's only about 300 yards from Johnson Key (no land) but will help with East wind. Your 2/2.5 hrs from Flamingo by kayak. No wimps aloud!